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Beamer Candle Co. Smoke Killer Collection 12oz Candle - 70's Lovin' Scent

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$6.25 - $9,750.00
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Disco, tie dye, the VW bus - the 70’s were a groovy time. Now you can transport yourself back to that era with the light and citrusy 70’s Lovin’ candle from our Smoke Killer Collection. Candles from our Smoke Killer Collection contain natural enzymes that are released as the candle burns, absorbing and eliminating foul odors in your home and leaving it smelling fresh and clean. The soy blend wax candle weighs 12 ounces, comes in a reusable glass mason jar, and features a lead-free wick. With each candle boasting a 90-hour burn time, you’re going to be able to enjoy it for a while!